Friday, June 26, 2009

WOOHOO, Promotion to Regional Sales Director!!!

Let me Introduce to you our newest RSD
Sandy Wright, RSD

WOOHOO!!! I finally made it to RSD!!! I can't quit smiling. I may have been a turtle but it's true what they say slow and STEADY wins the race. First off I want to thank my Lord and Savior. He has answered my prayers!!! I am so blessed and grateful to have found Ameriplan and know that it will always be a part of my life! I would also like to thank my husband and 4 kids for all of your support. You all have listened so patiently to all my ramblings about Ameriplan. Some of it has rubbed off on you also. My 6 year old daughter, Samantha, asked me the other day what I was smiling about. I said "I signed another broker". She then did the count, "Okay, you needed 3, now you have 2 to go". She is a future Ameriplan broker in the making!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to Joy Garrison (my enroller). You have been so positive and supportive each step of the way. You answered my millions of questions (sometimes the same question over and over) with patience and a smile. You are truly appreciated and I cherish the friendship we have formed! Thank you to Kristie Wooten, Janie Jones and all of the other leaders on the Freedom at Home Team for all of the great calls, training and inspiration you provide to us each day. The Freedom at Home Team ROCKS!!! To the Ladies & Gentlemen on my team, If I can do this, so can you. . . Let's Go Team!!! SRSD, Here I come!!!

Sandy Wright
Regional Sales Director

I don't do a lot of talking about Ameriplan with my friends (or at least I didn't) so the day I picked my kids up at your house and you said, "I think I may want to do what you do" I was shocked to say the least. It took me a minute to gather my thoughts and tell you how to check it out. It never occured to me that you would want to do anything but run your little daycare. DUH! That was a great day!! You came into this and you have had the vision since day one! You know where this company can take you and the freedoms it WILL give you. I am so very very proud to be your friend and work at this together!! We not only share our businesses but our lives and for that I will eternally be greatful! One day we will look back at where we both came from and not even recognize today. Onward and upward, my friend!!! Joy Garrison

A Note from her Proud NSD:

Sandy, you are amazing!! A SAHM running a daycare out of your home and you still find time to build your AmeriPlan business!! I admire you for that:) And being a turtle is OKAY! This isn't a race, it's a journey! It doesn't matter how long it takes, just that you get there and you are definitely on the right track!!! We are so proud of all you have accomplished so far and we're truly looking forward to seeing you reach greatness with this amazing company!!!

Congratulations on RSD!!!

Kristie Wooten
National Sales Director

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WOOHOO!!! We are on T.V.

I am very excited to share with you the news that you will see more of our team...on TV! We have a new commercial that will air on stations such as Lifetime and Oxygen and Have you seen us on TV? If not, CLICK HERE to watch!

Debt-Free Company

Work with a $100 Million dollar company who is expanding in today's economy. Our 17 year old company works with numerous Provider companies, such as Walgreens, Target, CVS, Rite Aid, JcPenny, Sears, Lens Crafters and Pearle Vision along thousands more across the country. Learn more!Visit

Join Our Team

We are the fastest growing team with our company. Our team has consistent training and support to help you succeed in your business. We have training calls to assist you in different areas and a training site with steps to get you started immediately. You are invited to our training: or learn more:

What We Offer

* Daily and Weekly Pay
* Free Training
* Residual Monthly Pay
* Bonuses option
* Marketing websites
* AD&D Insurance
* Benefits Package for Entire Household

I am here to answer questions you might have. Call me at 208-467-1337, or email me: I look forward to talking with you.

Are you ready to get started? Visit my site: and click on "Get Started." You have 3 choices on how you can get started and I look forward to helping you reach your success!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Get Instant Access to Your Success!

Get Instant Access to Your Success! Start Today with our NEW E-Kit ~ Save and Earn with Your Business at Home

Today's economy and recession have brought about changes to families in ways that they never imagined. Many are looking for ways to supplement their income and many part-time jobs are short-lived, or do not come with benefits.Our debt-free, Health Benefits company is looking to expand and assist those who want to find an alternative to the job-market. With your Health Benefits home business you can supplement your income AND have a health benefits package for your entire household!And now, we have a new program to get you up and going even faster. For less than a cup of coffee and a danish a day, you can start your own Health Benefits Home Business and start helping those who do not have benefits, or who also want to work from home, right away! For just $1.66 per day, you can have your own Health Benefits Home Business and can start helping individuals, families and small businesses who are in need of affordable health care, right away. Or, help others get started with working at home, too!

Our E-kit gets you access to the tools you want right away!You will have access to our online tools immediately, including applications, brochures and websites to get your business going the same day.Access to our training and support is also accessible instantly when you get started with our team. This training is one of the main reasons our team is the fastest growing team within the company.Do you want listen in on some of the training we provide to help people reach success?Visit our training schedule and get on one of our daily calls:

Get Your E-Kit Today!

If you have questions about our company, what we do and how we are paid here is my contact information and I am happy to answer any questions you might have:
Phone:Direct Line: (208)467-1337

For less than a family dinner out, you can get your Health Benefits Home Business for just $50 (or a $1.66 a day!) with our E-Kit! Start supplementing your income today.

Get started by visiting and click on "Get Started Today."

I look forward to helping you get started with your training with your new E-kit!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

AmeriPlan® Company Overview

We help many people to work from their home without having to deal with products, inventory, or cold calling. My name is Sandy Wright and I'll be your personal mentor and trainer should you decide to embark on this work at home journey and road to FREEDOM with us. There are a lot of details in this post. Please review this information carefully and follow the links provided and either call or email me to schedule a phone interview when you have finished. I have training spots that will be filled this week, I would love to get you started in our training program immediatley. Due to the great detail provided here, our "interview" will not take up more than 10-15 minutes of your valuable time.

Our Company

AmeriPlan® is a service based company. We do not sell products, carry an inventory or do home parties. AmeriPlan® is a true work at home CAREER. You can work either full time or part time at home...100% on the Internet.

  • AmeriPlan® is 17 years old
  • Based out of Dallas, TX
  • Allows it's home workers to work exclusively from home
  • You can work around your own schedule
  • 401K Plan
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
  • Health Benefits for your entire household
  • We are paid daily, weekly AND monthly
  • Free training and support

Morley Safer from the television show 60 Minutes also did a big special on our company! To view the program, please: click here We help you start making money at home immediately. We also have training centers all over the United States that you are welcome to attend. Our training centers are available at no cost.

Our Opportunities

We offer two positions that are available immediately. Once you work for AmeriPlan®, you can choose to work with both positions, or simply work one. The choice is up to you. AmeriPlan® offers discount benefit plans. We've found that 70% of Americans are either not insured or under insured. We currently have about 2 million members and we are growing every day! This is not insurance. You don't need a license and really, you don't need to understand the health industry at all. Many people shy away from doing an AmeriPlan® business because they believe they need to become an expert in either insurance or the health industry. It just isn't true. What we do is set up our home office like a "call center." Our corporate office is in Dallas, TX. We have 250 full timers working for us there and their entire job is support those of us working at home. There are over 50,000 IBO's in AmeriPlan® across America today. This is a very large company.

In a nutshell what we do is we market AmeriPlan® two different ways:

First opportunity: we market to people who want to save money on their health benefits. They answer our ad campaign by either calling us or by registering onto our website. We call these people back and we talk to them for about 5-8 minutes. We basically follow a very simple short script where we fill out their benefit membership application. We ask them questions like, "Are they looking for medical with dental or just dental." We fill out the application and electronically submit it to AmeriPlan®. AmeriPlan® takes over from there. They service all the customers we bring in. So you see, we never call this customer back and they never call us.

The second opportunity is marketing the AmeriPlan® business opportunity. I prefer to market the business and I spend the majority of my time recruiting new IBOs. People, just like you and me, who want to work from their home answer our ad campaign and call us or they request more information through our website. We then call these people back and spend about 15 minutes talking with them about the opportunity. If they are ready to create an income from home, we enroll them over the phone.

So you see, there are no products. We just handle paperwork from the comfort of our home office. We never telemarket or cold call anyone. We just call people who have requested more information from us (just like you did). We are just the "middle man" setting up people's memberships/IBO accounts with AmeriPlan®.

You play an integral role in the accomplishment of the team. Time and effort is invested in every person who works with us and wants to build their dreams from home. We believe in creating a meaningful environment and offering the tools to achieve success. All that is required is a willingness to learn and a desire to help people save money on their benefits, or help people earn extra income from their home.


I am looking for teammates who want to make a realistic income from the comfort of their homes. You must be comfortable on the internet and the phone. We're looking for someone who can devote at least 1 - 2 hours a day to this business. More would be great; if it's less that's okay since we have no quotas; but we're really looking for 1-2 hours a day. We have a step-by-step guide on our training site to help you create your business and begin making money immediately. You will receive one-on-one mentoring and a team of colleagues to support you. This is a business and not a job! That is the best part. You will be paid on a 1099 form, which makes you an independent contractor. You'll be eligible for all the home business tax deductions and the flexibility of being at home.

Because this is a business and not a job we do have an overhead that we pay to our corporate office of $50 a month. This monthly IBO fee includes the cost of our websites, the support for our members, the accounting and collections that corporate does for us and it covers our benefits as well. This is a monthly overhead that is 100% tax deductible. It's the cost of doing business each month. You will be able to have our corporate office hold that $50 from your residual check each month just like any other deduction from your paycheck at your J.O.B.

Enrollment Options & Tools

We have two different start up packages depending on your needs. Choose from one of these options:


This option creates six figure income earners in a matter of a short 2 to 4 years. Can you imagine? In TWO years, what will YOU be doing? I know I'll be enjoying the FREEDOM my family and I deserve with pride that I have built up more than $100,000 a year in lifetime residual income by then.

For just $95 you can get started with a very lucrative business. Become an AmeriPlan® partner and get your very own business that will allow you to file as a business owner with Uncle Sam and claim thousands of dollars in tax deductions. You will get a broker kit that will give you a nice supply of marketing materials to get your business off the ground. We will also give you $50 worth of gift certificates in that kit to help you restock it when you need to. You will also receive the other benefits that all of our brokers receive:

  • 5 E-Commerce websites to run your business with
  • Benefits for your entire household at no extra cost
  • Full customer support for your members. AmeriPlan® will service all of your customers for you so you do not have to. They do all the billing, collection of fees, etc.
  • Personal mentorship and unparalleled team training and support with the BEST trainers in AmeriPlan®
  • An Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Policy
  • A 401k and direct deposit option as you advance with the company

Again, 2-4 years to a six figure LIFETIME residual income for the SMALL investment of just $95. What could beat that? Well, just read on and see!!!


It's always been awesome to be a partner with AmeriPlan®. Well, now it's even better! Fast track to a six figure income with our new Trainer Program. Your first month in the business you can start at $495 which gives you 3 months of your IBO fees paid in full up front, $275 in sales aid certificates so that you can explode your business right from the start and a $500 gas certificate. This package is valued at $820.00.

As a Trainer with AmeriPlan® you will have the opportunity to participate in 4 bonus pools that will give you the chance to earn a lot of up front bonus money while still building the residual income for your future that we have always been able to do. Your first goal with this package is to go out and enroll 3 of our dental plans in 18 days. When you do that you will receive a $324 triple advance on the memberships you enrolled and in less than 3 weeks you will have earned back most of your out of pocket investment. The best part of this is that I WILL HELP YOU!! It is MY job as YOUR trainer to train you and I will show you and help you get those 3 dental plans in your first 18 days. You will also receive the other benefits that all of our brokers receive:

  • 5 E-Commerce websites to run your business with
  • Benefits for your entire household at no extra cost
  • Full customer support for your members. Ameriplan® will service all of your customers for you so you do not have to. They do all the billing, collection of fees, etc.
  • Personal mentorship and unparalleled team training and support with the BEST trainers in AmeriPlan®
  • An Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Policy
  • A 401k and direct deposit option as you advance with the company

As a Trainer with AmeriPlan®, your journey to a six figure income is shortened. How does 12 - 18 months sound? TWELVE to EIGHTEEN MONTHS to a six figure income when you fast track with us as a Trainer!

Your IBO Kit

When you enroll we send you an IBO kit. It has everything in it to set up your home office. The corporate office in Dallas has a store where we can purchase additional supplies - like 500 business cards for $20, package of company letter head for $5, etc.

Contents of kit:

(1) Welcome Letter

(2) Sales Aid Order Forms

(2) Return Envelopes

(1) AmeriCAM/IBO Support Instructions

(1) New IBOs: Your Questions Answered

(1) AmeriPlan® Discount Program: "What-if" DVDs

(25) AmeriPlan® Discount program brochures (with envelopes)

(10) IBO Applications

(1) IBO "AmeriPlan® Health Membership Application"

(1) Commission Election Form

(1) AmeriPlan® "Your Business at Home Magazine"

(1) AmeriPlan® "Your Business at Home Magazine" order form with envelope

(1) "Don't Watch This DVD"

(2) $25.00 Sales Aid Certificates (STORE CREDIT!) for the $95 option and

(11) $25.00 Sales Aid Certificates ($275 total) for the $495 option

Our Membership Programs

We have almost 2 million members on these plans. The membership programs start at $19.95 for our Dental plan (which includes Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic). We also offer our Basic Health, Total Health (which includes Dental, Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic) and Total Health Plus (which includes the total health package and additional services such as legal, identity theft and auto club benefits). Our Dental Plan is $19.95, our Health is $29.95, the Total Health is $39.95 and our Total Health Plus is $59.95. So you can see how if 70% of all Americans need a plan like this that these plans are very affordable.

Our Compensation Plan

First, AmeriPlan® pays us a commission for every application we submit. For a membership application for a new member we get anywhere from $35-$107 based upon which benefit plan they have chosen. The lower end advanced commission is for a dental membership and the higher end is the Total Health Plus membership. Now remember, this is what you get for just typing up their application and submitting it to our corporate office down in Dallas. They service these customers for you. For an IBO application, AmeriPlan® pays us $90.00 in advanced pay. This commission check that you earn is mailed to you the very next day.

The second way we earn an income is even better than the first way. We can build up a residual income for ourselves. Every month AmeriPlan® tallies up all the money that they are bringing in for that month which originated with you (e.g. you did the initial application form). They tally it up and they give you 30%. It doesn't matter if you introduced them into AmeriPlan® years ago, you continue to earn your money. For every IBO you brought into AmeriPlan®, as long as they are still enrolled, AmeriPlan® will give you a residual income of 30% or $15.00 for each one, even if it's been years since you introduced them into the company.

As an example, let's say you helped a family two years ago sign up with our Total Health Plus plan. You received a one time commission of $107. Every month (starting with month 7) this family pays a $60 monthly fee to AmeriPlan®, you receive $18 of that $60 This business really does build up. Imagine if you enrolled 10 new customers a month for the next two years... for the next five years... etc. For each new IBO you enroll you earn $15.00 a month residual for them. But, if this IBO has a team under them they will receive their residual income and YOU will receive 15% off of their team! So you see it's not just you working this business. We really are a team of people working together.

Then if you have entered in as a Trainer, you have the 4 pools of bonuses mentioned above, that you will be eligible for and those are paid to you on a weekly basis.

This business is yours. You own it. Your paychecks will come from AmeriPlan® and be addressed to you. You can will this to a spouse or your children and then your residual income checks will be addressed to them. It's a way you can leave behind a financial legacy and take care of your family. I don't know of any 'job' that will continue to pay your family once you're gone.
This company has really been a blessing for my family. It has given us a great deal of financial freedom and I only work this business part time. Please take your time reviewing this information completely and jot down any questions you have. You can then call me direct: 208-467-1337 or email me:

Changing Lives, One at a Time!
If not you, who? If not now, when?
2-4 years will go by anyway, will you be in the same place then that you are now financially? You have the power to change it now!

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Not interested in the business opportunity, but could use the Dental benefits which include Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic?

Check out our Dental Plus plan below:

$19.95 per month covers your entire household, regardless of relationship.

  • No limits on visits or services
  • Instant savings
  • No age limits
  • No paperwork
  • No waiting periods
  • Orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry included (adults and children)
  • Specialists included, where available
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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